Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our website for more information or leave a message on our WhatsApp number 7576787.

Our resource bank consists of syllabus, learner guides, past papers, marking schemes, examiner reports and study notes from the following examinations (1) Maldives local examinations- HSC and SSC Examinations, (2) Cambridge GCSE and IGCSE Examinations, (3) Cambridge A Level Examinations, (4) Edexcel IGCSE Examinations and (5) Edexcel A Level Examinations.

Click APPLY/LOGIN button on the right-hand corner of the screen. Fill out the registration form and submit it.

Once you register, go to STUDY OPTIONS, and choose an examination and a subject of your choice (For example: Local Examination- 8200 Dhivehi Bas). Now select BUY NOW and scroll down to see PAYMENT OPTION. Proceed with payment and then click PLACE ORDER.

A 30-day subscription per subject costs MVR 100.

You can make the payment directly to our BML Account 7730000441364 (Cocreate Pvt Ltd) and send us the receipt on our WhatsApp 7576787. Please write Order Number or Username in the reference remarks.

You will get three emails within the process. The first one is when you register with us. The second email is when you make the payment and send us the receipt on WhatsApp. Third is when we process your subscription.

You will have access to materials within 24 hours from the confirmation of the payment receipt.

Enrolled subjects will be seen from the dashboard and details of how you can access the materials will be shared with the registered email.

Subscription is valid for 30 days. You will have to renew your subscription afterwards.

All materials will have viewable access.

On the checkout page (Note to Administrator Section), please write your country of residence, and we will send a payment link to your registered email.